The Chairman Dances

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Posted By: Andrew Hunt
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 28 Nov 2022
The BWE Transformations concert in November 2022, featured a performance of The Chairman Dances, This is a work for an ensemble of reed instruments: two clarinets, two alto saxes with bassoon and contrabassoon accompanying a solo line on bass clarinet.

This work was composed by BWE's former director of music, Shea Lolin, as a tribute to Andrew Hunt who had been chair of the ensemble for 12 years but continues to play bass clarinet as a member of BWE.

As Shea explains, the solo bass clarinet part in the work is designed to contrast to the other parts. The line is legato and song-like against a baclground of staccato chords. The eight-bar phrase is interrupted and puncutated with diversions and discordant snorts. The Chair brings the group back together again in the final section with a uniting and memorable tune.

The image below shows Andrew and BWE's director of music just after the performance of the piece.