Two directors of music - and a new composition for BWE

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Posted By: Andrew Hunt
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 15 May 2022
We were delighted that Shea Lolin (left in the image), our former director of music, was able to attend our May 2022 concert. conducted by our new director of music, Michael McGowan (right).

Shea had devised the programme of train music before the pandemic in 2020. Only now were we able to perform this intriquing programme. At that time Shea felt that a slightly different voice was needed in the programme to contrast with other works based round train rhythms. He took his inspiration from the video game, Alice: Madness Returns which features the infernal train. The train is a huge, fiery and truly horrifying locomotive. This led to his new composition, The Infernal Train, which is rhythmic, fast and bold.