All change at the BMG AGM

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Posted By: Andrew Hunt
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 2 Jul 2022
The Bloomsbury Music Group's AGM on Tuesday 28 June led to changes in the way the ensembles will be run from now on.

Andrew was delighted to be given a new composition by Shea Lolin, our former director of music as he stepped down from being chair after 12 years, 

CalledThe Chairman Dances, this is a work for an ensemble of reed instruments: two clarinets, two alto saxes with bassoon and contrabassoon accompanying a solo line on bass clarinet (the instrument that Andrew plays).

This new piece of music was a gift from members of the group. They also presented Andrew with a signed copy of the first page of the score.

In future the committee with responsibility for running the BMG charity will be chaired by Chris. Liz continues as chair of the committee that runs the Bloosmbury Band while Colin is now the chair of the committee overseeing the activities of the Bloosmbury Woodwind ensemble.